San Diego

Rapid Deployment Kit

SentryScope RDK stands for Rapid Deployment Kit. It comes with everything needed for temporary operation in field locations. Two ruggedised Pelican cases hold all of the components. SentryScope RDK is quick and easy to set-up and fully protected for shipment and storage.

The first Pelican case contains the SentryScope camera and tripod. The tripod is light weight and heavy duty with a quick release mechanism. This makes setup easy and stable.

The second Pelican case contains a full-power compact SentryServer loaded with SentryWare image processing software. Standard features include a 400 Gbyte hard drive, CD-RW drive, and dual LAN ports.

Included with the compact SentryServer is a portable touch screen monitor. This 7" high-resolution VGA monitor is compatible with SentryWare and does not require a keyboard or mouse for easy operation.

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  • Everything you need for fast, temporary deployment
  • Includes 2 pelican cases for shipping and storage of all components

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