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SentryChroma™ is a separate three Megapixel IP color camera mounted on top of SentryScope and viewing the same wide area. Both image streams are run to a single SentryServer for storage and review. Clicking an icon switches from one surveillance record to the other, displaying the corresponding video from the same time and location. Complex events can be quickly analyzed in ultra-high resolution, color, and at a fast frame rate. SentryChroma can be added to new or existing SentryScope installations.

Parking Lot

SentryScope is unmatched in its ability to provide clear images of faces and license plates while monitoring large areas. This ultra-high resolution requires black and white operation at a relatively low frame rate. SentryChroma fills in the missing information, providing color of vehicles and clothing, plus details of fast moving scenes, such as the activity of the hands. Complete information is provided for the security professional.

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SentryWare, the software package running on SentryServer, aligns the two video records by time and image location. Color, fast motion analysis, and ultra-high resolution information are fused in a single easy-to-use interface. All of the SentryScope image enhancement controls are also used with the color images. Training is a snap; persons familiar with SentryScope can start using SentryChroma with virtually no training.

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  • Full color video surveillance
  • 3 Megapixel, fast frame rate
  • Color images are synchronized with high resolution SentryScope data
  • Easy to use, no additional training

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