Sentry Manager

The SentryManager software package allows multiple SentryScope cameras to be monitored and controlled from one or more remote computers. Up to three cameras can be simultaneously monitored on a single screen. A simple mouse click changes the display to another set of three with virtually no limit to the number of cameras that can be viewed.

All SentryScope imaging capabilities are available through SentryManager. Remote stations can view live or recorded video, pan and zoom within images, use search features and advanced image enhancement tools.

The computer operating each SentryScope camera is placed on the user's LAN during initial installation. SentryManager, operating with password protection, allows the surveillance personnel to control and optimize each camera's operation including:

  • Operational changes, such as focusing the cameras
  • Configuration settings, such as setting compressing levels
  • Preventing unauthorized use, such as setting passwords
  • Administrative tasks, such as modifying camera text information
Parking Lot

SentryManager eliminates the need for a dedicated monitor at each SentryScope camera and can also run on the same computer controlling a SentryScope camera for extra cost and space savings.

SentryManager's user interface is very similar to SentryWare and is easy to use. In most cases SentryManager can be installed, configured, and cameras added for viewing and/or configuration within minutes. Download Brochure



  • Monitor multiple cameras from one location
  • View live or recorded video
  • Complete configuration control
  • Password Protection
  • Easy to Use

Download Brochure >>

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